Nu Aura is a hidden gem in Albuquerque. They are the best and most affordable spa and skin care facility with friendly and knowledgeable providers. They also carry an array of products and treatments for all skin types and ethnicity. As a black woman with numerous allergies, it is hard to find a place that can accommodate my needs and my budget. I am 100% pleased with my results and have recommended them to my family and we all love the place and its staff. So give Nu Aura a call and I guarantee you will never regret it.


I’ve been to several doctors for Fillers in my life and Dr. B is by far the best. He is precise and knows how to make every unit count. This experience is obvious with every visit. Nu Aura has been my source for the fountain of youth for over three years. Dr. B is also quite funny and has tact, respect, and empathy for my desire to be discrete. The atmosphere at Nu Aura is sophisticated yet unpretentious and always immaculate and calming. Highly recommended!


My name is Marlene. I am a single mother who focused on, and cared for everyone and everything else except myself. My sister reminded me that I said that 2012 was the year that I was going to finally start caring for me. She told me about Nu Aura Medical Spa, but I said (as usual) not yet. I did however, accompany her to an appointment.

The staff were so kind,so friendly, so efficient, so knowledgeable, that I decided to make my first appointment that same day. I have since had laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and infusion treatments. I have smooth skin without shaving daily, my dark skin patches are greatly reduced and my face is clear, clean, and fresh.

When I go for an appointment, I feel like I’m hanging out with good friends. The staff makes you feel so comfortable, so safe, you leave truly relaxed and cared for. I am so happy with my results that my only regret is I did not start these treatments sooner. Thanks to Nu Aura, I still take care of others, but with a beautiful, healthy glow.


I recently had Dysport and Perlane injections at Nu Aura Medical Spa. This was not my first experience with this type of procedure by Dr. Clarke Brunton, and I felt it was time to extend the praises that are so well deserved.

Dr. Brunton definitely has an artist’s eye and a gentle technique; I felt completely comfortable and at ease. He has mastered this technique so I had almost no swelling or bruising. I am very pleased with the outcome. The products proved to be all they were touted to be!

Five days after my treatment, my family and friends began making statements such as “Did you change your hairstyle?” or “That color looks really good on you.” Their statements let me know that there was something positive, yet subtle in my look. I feel much more self confident and youthful.

I will continue to come back to Nu Aura Medical Spa to be rejuvenated!


I always wondered how the celebrities on stage felt so confident raising their arms in public. Now I know! Laser hair removal! I get my armpits and my bikini area done. It makes it so easy, especially in the summer time – just throw on a swimsuit and go. I never have to worry about shaving, razor burn or stubble. Sokie is super nice and makes me feel comfortable. The treatments don’t take long and the price is definitely right!


For years I over did the sun on my face. I had terrible skin, wrinkles, blackheads, dry, saggy skin. Then I started laser facials which gives you and instant tightening to your skin. It doesn’t hurt and helps immensely. Add to that a fabulous microderm to soften and clean out your pores. End with my favorite… injections! Botox and Juvederm are definitely our friends. I know I look 100% better because people actually tell me how great I look! That never happened before. I love the combination of all the procedures, it covers all the basic needs. The Osmosis polish is a great way to stay glowy in between treatments too. I’m just starting to try the spider vein lasers. After two sessions they seem to disappear. Nice. Love this place!


My experience with Nu Aura has been phenomenal! I have completed my treatments and they have given me the most incredible results! I am a 31 year old mother and have had acne since I was 15 years old. I have seen a dermatologist over the last 16 years. You name it, I tried it…. creams, pills and every different “popular” cleanser without real results. If you have had problems with acne and want to see your skin flourish, I recommend Laser Skin Rejuvenation “LaserFACIAL”.

The best comment I had was from a friend who asked, “Are you Pregnant?” I didn’t know how to take that, until I asked her why? She said because my skin was glowing!! I was not pregnant so I have to give all my thanks to Nu Aura!


I am 34 years old and currently reside in Seattle, WA. In December 2008 I visited Albuquerque, NM for the first time and had a LaserFacial treatment at Nu Aura. After just one treatment, with no down time, my face felt tighter and smoother.

I’ve had several comments from family and friends of how wonderful my face looks and I’ve been asked to show my I.D. at restaurants and bars more frequently when ordering alcohol beverages, which I credit to the youthful look from my laser treatment. I will be returning to Albuquerque, NM soon to receive my second LaserFacial treatment!

The staff kept in close contact with me, at which time they introduced me to Latisse. In March 2009, I began using Latisse for longer eyelashes and after one month, I’m amazed at how much longer and fuller my eyelashes look. Last year I spent over $400 to get eyelash extensions only to have them removed after one month due to an infection from the glue that was used to keep the extensions onto my eyelids. I highly recommend Latisse for anyone who want to spice up their lashes.


I was diagnosed with a brain tumor 8 years ago and underwent various types of treatments to shrink the tumor. In attempting to cure my condition it also created another condition known as melasma which resembled a dark mask over my face.

I sought various types of treatments from prescription topical ointments to home remedies without success. At one point, I became so desperate in finding a remedy; I used AJAX cleaner on my face and only made matters worse.

I found that in avoiding sunlight, my dark spots would not get worse but they did not get better. My social and family life were greatly affected. I could no longer go fishing, camping, or participate in other outdoor activities we once did as a family.

Here I am, after 3 months of skin rejuvenation treatments, I can clearly see the difference as well as my family and friends.

My mother recently stated to me that my skin looked younger and healthier and everyone has noticed I no longer wear thick and expensive makeup to cover my mask, my dark spots are almost gone completely.

I now have more self-confidence and am looking forward to enjoying this summer outdoors with my family.


The economy may have some of us watching our spending, however I am now convinced there is NOT a price one can place on the value of time. It dawned on me one day, getting ready in the morning is such an event. I pondered, how wonderful would it be to have a simple morning of grooming with energy to spare. What if I didn’t have to agonize over the desire to shave every single day to have smooth skin? How simple my morning could be if I didn’t have to spend so much time applying concealer to dark circles, make-up to uneven skin tone and alas, powder to give it all the “natural look”.

My “wonderful” has finally arrived and my mornings are now simple. And I enjoy watching my face defy age everyday rather than wincing at the arrival of a new fine line. I don’t want to cover-up my natural face, I want to show it off!
“Look, look how my face matches my neck!” 😉

I am absolutely astonished with the amazing results I’ve had thus far with laser rejuvenation (LaserFACIAL) and permanent laser hair removal at Nu Aura Rejuvenation Center. I cannot thank the staff enough for their comprehension of their products and services which gave me the confidence to move forward but most importantly, I appreciate their candor in caring for my personal needs and insecurities.

Find it in the budget to give yourself the gift of Zen, simplicity, energy and renewed confidence, so you have plenty of time and “wonderful” left-over to share with all else in your life.


72 year old ma…. I don’t know if I can tell any difference in my wrinkles but I can definitely feel my face and neck area is smoother and brighter. My cream absorbs better so my foundation goes on smoother and looks better… my brown spots on my face are fading with each treatment and also my hands, they are smoother and becoming brown-spot free!!

I love it… Also the treatments do not hurt, I am relaxed and it is a pleasant experience.


For years, I was unaware of the marvelous benefits that skin rejuvenation procedures could offer me. After my first consultation with Dr. Brunton and the wonderful staff at Nu Aura, I was excited and anxious to get started. Since then, there has been an outstanding boost in my self-esteem and confidence. I’m told I look at least ten years younger.

The caring and attentive staff did everything to reassure and comfort me, both before and after the seemingly painless procedures. The Juvéderm injections for problem stress lines, Botox injections for a needed brow lift, Nu Aura’s Skin Rejuvenation or laser facial, and facial hair removal left me with a spring in my step and a beautiful face. I know I look great!


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